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Other Work and Great Deals

This is a collection of some older pieces, and more traditional works at great prices.


Acrylic on 16"x 20" canvas, 2018, $250

Beneath the Grill

Acrylic on 18"x 24"canvas, $300

Lobster Pot Dinner

Acrylic on 14"x 11" canvas, 2019, $200

Tip Hat

Acrylic on 18"x 24"canvas, $300

Looking for Arshile

Acrylic on 30"x40" canvas, $400

Of Dogs and Men

acrylic on 20"x 16" canvas, $250

Cell Cells

acrylic o 24"x 30" canvas, 2014, $300

Arch of Enlightenment

Acrylic on 40"x 30" canvas, $400

Everything Under the Sun

Acrylic o 18"x 24" canvas, 2023, $250

Email if interested in a purchase. Thank You!

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